Erik Bowen

Greetings and Salutations!

Erik Bowen

Welcome to our blog. My name is Erik Bowen and I am a passionate foodie (I feel just about every foodie is). I’m a recent grad from JMU with a degree in Art History, Art, and Asian Studies. I’ve done some interesting things thus far with my life from a brief stint as an undergrad biochemistry research assistant to managing a campus movie theater. Someday I will have my own bakery/art gallery/both. I’m eclectic, friendly, optimistic, and a definite wanderlust (look it up, it’s a real word I swear). That’s pretty much me. Hmm what else should go here…I am a very stream of consciousness kind of person which is sometimes good and sometimes well difficult. I hope that the content of this site will be inspiring, tasty, and fun. Once I get a good camera/any camera I’m hoping to be posting tons of process and final result food porn pics! So thats about it. Enjoy! <(^_^)>



  1. Erik,
    Three things.
    1. You are the coolest.
    2. I love this picture of you.
    3. Can you please save me a cookie or something for when I get back from Spain? 🙂

    • Annie,

      1. You are amazing yourself.
      2. I love seeing Spain through your lens on your blog.
      3. I will make you some cookies when you get back in the states! Yah!

  2. Hmmm… methinks that discovering the deliciousness that is your blog is going to prove extremely detrimental to my diet… 😀

  3. Erik,

    I love your blog. That picture really captures who you are. Let’s hang out this summer when I get back into NOVA and go to Wegmans or make some delicious food.

    • Thanks so much Kayla!
      YES! Can we please hang out at Wegman’s and make yummy food! I can’t wait woot woot!

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